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The invention of the computer in the timeline of change has its importance, with the invention of the internet the world has become a global village, the distances removed, now communication with a person who is thousands of miles away is based on some simple clicks. How can we neglect the prank style, pranking people around and at the end, you get thousands of thumbs up? Sections of this page. In the social media world, it doesn't matter what is fake, or foolish. Sometimes we see destructive things going to smooth. Lama Faché 3,views. In addition, there are even infinite website owners that are taking the complete advantage of the awesome boom in video sharing websites and also syndicating video for direct internet website traffic Consequently, from this development in variety of video clip sharing websites, video clip search engines has progressed with several fundamental search styles which exist today as well as using keywords.

Télécharger le new spot de Dj Mix - Les warriors k-labo.info k-labo.info?idMusic= sanderbuzz. Télécharger le nouveau spot de Jaguar Manadja - Les revoltes du boucan feat DJ El Matador CLIC SUR CE LIEN POUR TÉLÉCHARGER. JAGUAR MANADJA feat DJ LEO x MAXIOU x JOSE MORINHO - ÇA SORT COMME ÇA k-labo.info3 Téléchargée: fois Taille: Mo Durée: Publiée le: 24/03/ à s Musique Ivoirienne (audio gratuit) Télécharger.

Social media started getting its roots deeper and deeper, for example, the inventor of Facebook and YouTube never knew that what they have created will be so big that it can be used as tool for shaping the perception of people, the world largest companies even cannot neglect their presence on social media, they know that the image of their products and services can shape through social media.

The main and the most primary factor that makes social media better is that, from social media largest companies can get the direct response from the customers, we can say that social media is now playing its role in shaping the perception. Social media has gone through changes; primarily social media has been used for the sake of entertainment. Entertainment seeker looks for the funny videos, songs and sometimes documentaries.

The search of entertainment seeker has gained the great attention for the entertainers, in early time it was attempted to upload the material which includes the fun element, sometimes video material was original, but some most of the time it was fake.


The style of the entertainer was developed that instead of pretending to be real, they started acts which were not pretended to be real. This gives a pure flavor of entertainment to the act. This style was optimized,and this has given a name vine. Vines got humongous popularity, an entertainer from all over the world jumped in.


This created many viners famous personalities. Now you need to be an entertainer and with pure entertainment, you can get famous.

If we look into the classification of viners, entertainers have developed different styles. One of the styles is being or pretending to be stupid, well it is not known yet why vine viewer go for the stupidity, but it is the fact you pretend foolishly you will get thousands of followers. It does not mean that all of them are like that, some of them have pure fans other than just followers.


How can we neglect the prank style, pranking people around and at the end, you get thousands of thumbs up? Even though prank style vines have some fraudulent activities.


Sometimes we see destructive things going to smooth. It clearly declares the entertainer in the video is just pretending. In the social media world, it doesn't matter what is fake, or foolish.

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